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Spare rib cereal

Spare rib cereal

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Remember Wendy Davis?


You know, the badass democrat who fillibustered for 11 hours straight to conserve women’s rights in Texas?


Well, this wonderful and amazing woman has announced her campaign for Texas governor!


Let’s show her some goddamn support!

Her opponent, Greg Abbott, is all about “traditional values.”

 What fucking good have “traditional values” ever done for anyone?

Not a goddamn thing, that’s what. Vote for Wendy Davis.

Texas friends!

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—Pipe Dream


Always loved this instrumental that closes out Breakdown’s classic ‘87 Demo. While a bit of a melodic surprise, the track maintains the sound of the rest of the tape: gritty, aggressive and bloody knuckled. For me, that’s the essence of hardcore. I’m curious if there were ever lyrics to go along with “Pipe Dream’s” memorable groove. If you’re familiar with the band’s preferred lyrical topics, the song title just sounds so promising.

off the 7” EP The ‘87 Demo (Blackout! Records / 1990)

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Between the internet prank bullshit and Darren Wilson I’ve come to the conclusion that when you harass and kill black people you just get internet fame and /or a half million dollars and paid vacay