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Spare rib cereal

Spare rib cereal

Young in NYC//Old in Pennsylvania
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I’m gonna listen to iggy azalea and try to see what all the fuss is about

—Going to your boyfriends house after finals


Going to your boyfriend’s house after finals

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Mah buddy, mah buddy, wherever I go. he goes!

Mah buddy, mah buddy, wherever I go. he goes!


Rap Battle: Dumbfoundead vs The Saurus

This freestyle battle is a classic in my book. Dumbfoundead rips it to pieces and The Saurus spits some of my favorite lines he’s ever done.

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Dani Daniels Artist of the Week.

This Girl has the surprise element, why? because she is talented as beautiful.

For those few that don’t know her, she is considerate as one of the best girls in the adult entertainment.

At his personal life she enjoys of making Art, she has an amazing original style, she use the typography to create images of icons of the pop culture, she writes every single letter to create this awesome pictures.

Smart, sexy, beautiful and talented this girl is the full package.

If you want to know more about Dani Daniels visit her official Tumblr site:


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Modern Life Is War

—By The Sea



how far can i go? i’m rising from the depths of my own hell. i don’t need another tragic tale. i need the strength to walk the other way.


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